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I like partying
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We make good work together

The work done for these clients represents a cross-section of the things I do, reflecting my abilities as a graphic designer, developer, photographer, builder, or creator of weird-o things.

I engage in a dialogue between the subject matter, my experience, and the client’s needs. The sum of these parts is good, harmonious work that reflects the challenge at hand.

Tip for problem solving



1. Do more with it: As in, “I got an idea but I have no clue on how to make it a reality. Can you help me do more with it?” Whelp.. sure thing. If there is ANYTHING I got it’s a can-do attitude. So you bring the problem, I’ll provide the solution; whether you are in need of a website, logo, photography, general production, or need some random thing made out of some other random thing, chances are, I can do more with it.



Johnathan Crawford is the founder of Domowit. He has his degree in Music Performance from the University of Iowa. In 2000 he moved to Chicago with aspirations of being either Keith Moon or a bike messenger. Neither of those panned out but he was fortunate enough to get a job at an advertising agency. He moved up the ranks to head production designer. After five years of working for the man he decided to set out on his own. Since 2007 he has started a co-operative work space called Rational Park , been a key figure in the video production of  the Pitchfork Music Festival, and has worked with clients both big and small.


Johnathan shoots, designs, codes, organizes, collects and sometimes even has fun.

Have fun / Eat / Sleep / Love / Work
We're all going to die some day.


Rational Park

Chicago’s Rational Park is a gallery, event space and full-time shared creative studio.I’m a founding member of this space. Learn More »


Project Space

Check out the current projects journal, These are things I make, like, and that which inspire.


Candy Dinner

Candy Dinner is an online fee music label that I curate. It was launched in early 2010, and to date has over 30 contributing artists. Get Music »

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